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    Rajan I am sure your journey of life must be very interesting. I remember Rajan as very very nice human being, a very sweet person, a very humble boy who had came from Delhi.

    I know him from ages... How he has grown, How he has learn, how he has taken flight.... WONDERFUL!!!....



    You are one of the best person ever I worked with. I am so blessed that I got chance to work with you. You are like father to me.Thank you so much.


    My experience with you has been so fantastic, whenever I think of Tv. I have always felt that I am a part of Director's Kut family. You are the wonderful person to work with. You are a great producer and director.


    Rajan is my producer, director or my lucky mascost. I have done so many shows in my life but maximum are of DKP and best roles in all the shows. But I would like to say that he is the best person.


    Whenever I think of Rajanji ....I remember my old "Jassi" days..This is the production house who calls actors to please collect your cheque. where at other production houses you have to call and follow up with them. But this is not with DKP.


    My first time working with Dkp . Over the years I have been following Mr. Rajan Shahi and his shows on Indian television . And have been a great admirer . His show 'ye rishta kya kehelata Hai' is a super duper hit on television. And must have broken many records. When I was called for a role in yrkkh I went for the looktest/audition with a lot of trepidation . It was a great honor to be invited to be a part of this wonderful show. After I was finalized I met with Rajanji . In the first meeting I found him to be a very honest and straight forward person. He gave a very appropriate picture. He said"the show is going thru a very difficult time .... so we will have to work very hard " and work hard we did.... the whole team put in their best efforts and the show came up to being number 1 across all channels not once but four times back to back. And the full credit goes to Mr Rajan Shahi and his talented team. Thank you. And hope our association goes a long way!


    It is my pleasure to be a part of yrkkh and be associated with dkp and Mr Rajan Shahi.. in my 16 years long career i have worked with many production houses. but working with dkp has been a wonderful experience..never before have i come across a producer who is so humble and straightforward .. when i met Mr Rajan Shahi regarding the character of Akhilesh, he was extremely clear and transparent about what he wanted from me, which made me take up the show instantly..

    His acute sense of story telling and farsightedness has seen the show reach new heights, break many records. even after being the longest running show in asia with the most number of episodes (2300 and counting) the show is again numerous on the trp ratings for the past 6 weeks....

    I sincerely hope and pray that directors kut production and yrkkh thrive....BECAUSE T.V NEEDS GOOD PEOPLE LIKE THEM TO SURVIVE..


    Rajan Shahi and Director’s Kut Production has been inspirational and encouraged new talent thereby creating brilliant content for the millions of viewers nationwide..He is majorly responsible for giving Television the big status it holds today.. More success to him..!!


    Director's Kut is a forward thinking production house which has created some of the best content on Indian Television. Mr. Rajan Shahi is a visionary who has set trends through his content in the Indian Television Industry. Having worked in various genres across all GEC's, Director's Kut today has become one of the best production houses for actors to work with. For India-Forums, Director's Kut is like family as we have been working together for several years and have shared a great relationship with Mr. Rajan Shahi. We hope that Director's Kut continues to grow and bring the best quality entertainment to Indian households globally.


    Your association began with Creative Eye Limited as a Director of our prestigious serial Betiyan, Slowly along with professional relation you won my heart as a person too. I strongly believe, a combination of good human being enhances the value of true professional, you pocess the both.

    Wishing you from my side and the members of Creative Eye Limited great success in creating new horizon in creativity.


    While I knew Rajan Shahi the director, when I chose to work with him as a producer for his first production Bidaai, I had no doubt that he would deliver a product better than I had imagined.

    Yet, it was unfair of me to expect much, as I had gone to him in a crisis, when we had to have a Prime Time show on air on Star Plus in less than a couple of months... & it was my first show on the network, too.

    The rest, as we know, is history.

    Bidaai, followed by Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai, wrote new definitions in soap writing & execution... & are yet unmatched in their simplicity... which became the driving force of their success.

    Director's Kut has since grown by leaps & bounds... keeping its feet grounded while doing so.

    And, even more than the shows, the fact that people who have been associated with the production house over the years continue to swear by it, is the best testimonial for them.

    For me personally, it is extremely rewarding to see Rajan's successful journey... & I'm sure he yet has much more coming up ahead to entertain us...!


    Director’s Kut Production is one of the best Television production set up I have come across. Professionally managed by a talented group of committed people – they are always eager to push the envelope and try ‘new and never done’. I congratulate Mr. Rajan Sahi, for being able to provide leadership to this robust unit of young creative talent. I wish him and Director Kut all the very best.

  • Parul Chauhan

    Character : Ragini (Main Lead), Serial: Bidaai

    Rajan Shahi is like my Godfather. He changed my life and career forever. After just one audition, the confidence he showed in me was motivating and a life changing moment. My first shot was given in his presence. He takes extra care of actors. He was accommodating even when I did Jhalak Dikhlaja along with Bidaai. He is a gem of a person and it was my good fortune to get such a break. Director’s Kut is the best production house to work with and it will remain in my memory forever. I hope to work again with Rajan Sir in the future.

  • Naveen Saini

    Character : Vineet (Brother of Ragini)

    Rajan Shahi is my Godfather. I have worked for six years but got recognition only through his show Bidaai. Whatever I am, I am because of him. I owe my success to him. He is a fantastic human being first, then a producer. He is the person responsible for my house and who supported me financially in my time of need. He is a man with a big heart.

  • Kiran Karmarkar

    I worked with Rajan a few years back but the rapport we shared was very smooth. Working with him is easy & very professional. He is very punctual & when it comes to work, very particular. He keeps his word & assures they are turned into action. Our tuning together was very good & even.

  • Rohit Roy

    Rajan Shahi is one of the finest directors I have worked with on television. The show we worked on together didn't go on for long but my experience with him was memorable. I tend to ask a lot of questions during shooting & he would patiently answer my questions, thus making his actors feel very comfortable! His patience & dedication are two attributes that make him a successful director. I would want to repeatedly work with him. Our equation together has been fantastic.